Why Do People Hate Alec Baldwin: Delving into the Psychology of Alec Baldwin’s Critics

Alec Baldwin is an acclaimed actor known for roles in movies like “The Hunt for Red October” and “Glengarry Glen Ross” as well as TV shows like “30 Rock.” However, in recent years, Baldwin has become a controversial public figure, resulting in a significant amount of dislike against him. There are a few key reasons why Baldwin has alienated some people.

Rust Shooting Incident

In October 2021, Baldwin was filming the Western movie “Rust” in New Mexico when a prop gun he was rehearsing with fired, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza. This shocking tragedy raised many questions about safety protocols and Baldwin’s level of responsibility as both the star and a producer on the film.

Details About the Rust Shooting Incident

DateOctober 21, 2021
LocationBonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, NM
VictimsHalyna Hutchins (killed), Joel Souza (injured)
Prop Gun.45 Long Colt revolver
Person who handled gunHannah Gutierrez-Reed (24-year old armorer)
Person who fired gunAlec Baldwin

Incident Provoked Backlash Against Baldwin

The Rust shooting was a devastating event that provoked anger from many directions:

  • Perception of negligence – As a producer and lead actor, many felt Baldwin should have ensured proper safety protocols were followed. The young, relatively inexperienced armorer overseeing the guns became a focal point of criticism.
  • Loss of Hutchins – Hutchins was a rising cinematography talent with an inspiring backstory. Her death provoked grief and outrage.
  • Baldwin’s initial response – In the aftermath, Baldwin conveyed that he was shocked, cooperative with police, and felt sorry for Hutchins’ family. But his statements were viewed by some as detached and self-oriented during a tragedy.
  • Ongoing investigation – Over a year later, the lack of resolution in the ongoing investigation into potential charges keeps the controversy simmering. Baldwin’s level of blame remains hotly debated in Hollywood and beyond.

So while the shooting itself was an accident, Baldwin’s power, fame and initial response made him a magnet for ongoing anger. For those who lost Hutchins, worked beside her, or simply value human life – Baldwin remains associated with avoidable tragedy.

Baldwin Criminally Liable for the Shooting?

This complex question remains under investigation over a year later. Baldwin contends he was told by the Assistant Director that the gun was “cold” (safe to use). He also asserts that he did not pull the trigger. However, FBI forensics suggest the antique revolver could not have fired otherwise.

Prosecutors could pursue various charges against Baldwin and the film producers, especially if reckless safety violations are proven. Even without criminal charges, Baldwin still faces the likelihood of civil lawsuits related to wrongful death and negligence.

So ultimately Baldwin’s level of legal culpability remains uncertain. But in the public’s view he bears at least some moral responsibility for the tragedy as the film’s star and producer.

Baldwin’s Politics & Demeanor Are Polarizing

Beyond the specific shooting incident, Baldwin himself has long been a polarizing figure in the public eye:

Arrogant Celebrity

  • Well-known for angry clashes with paparazzi
  • Comes across as entitled, short-tempered in interviews
  • Got removed from flight in 2011 for refusing to stop playing game
  • Publicly battled with colleagues, called Shia LaBeouf a “worthlesskid”

Outspoken Liberal Activist

  • Makes donations to Democrats like Obama
  • Public feud with Donald Trump goes back years
  • Frequently impersonates Trump on SNL to mock him
  • Seen as elite coastal liberal by conservative Americans

For those who dislike Hollywood privilege or liberal politics, Baldwin embodies these qualities. His arrogance andtreatment of others behind-the-scenes make it easier to paint him as an unlikable hypocrite post-Rust shooting.

Ongoing PR Problems Maintain Baldwin’s Negative Reputation

Even before the Rust tragedy, many viewed Baldwin as a quick-tempered, egotistical celebrity. But a series of PR missteps since then have compounded his reputational woes:

NYT Interview & Woody Allen Film

  • February 2022: Baldwin gave rambling interview that came across as tone-deaf
  • Defended working with controversial director Woody Allen
  • Led to backlash & parodies painting him as insensitive

Vermont Sighting with Family

  • Public criticism that he seemed too untroubled mere weeks after shooting
  • Optics of a smiled bike ride with family didn’t fit mourning narrative

Video Comments from Wife Hilaria

  • Posted video suggesting Alecmight kill himself because of media harassment
  • Led to outrage & renewed scrutiny of Hilaria’s exaggerated Spanish heritage

Rust Lawsuit Statements

  • In Oct 2022 legal filing, Baldwin said workplace safety liability lies with dead victim Hutchins herself
  • Insensitive defense ploy provoked wave of renewed anger & backlash against him

These avoidable incidents show Baldwin’s lack of self-awareness in managing public perception after the tragedy. They enable critics to continue painting him as arrogant, unlikeable, and uncaring about what happened on set.


In many ways, Alec Baldwin has gone from respected actor to reviled public persona in his later career. The shocking Rust shooting tragedy started this downward trajectory. But Baldwin’s power, fame, politics and demeanor had already made him a polarizing figure over the years. Ongoing PR mismanagement continues to fuel resentment against him.

With investigations and possible charges still looming, Baldwin’s reputation may worsen in the months ahead. Even without criminal liability, he seems destined to remain a controversial lightning rod and subject of ire. The optics of privilege, hypocrisy and carelessness will be tough to overcome.

Baldwin brings much of the dislike upon himself. However, it remains an open question whether the current depths of resentment match the full context around both his career and the shooting tragedy itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Alec Baldwin mean to shoot Halyna Hutchins?

No – all evidence indicates the shooting was a tragic accident. Baldwin believed he was handling a “cold” (safe to use) prop gun and maintains he did not pull the trigger. But as the actor handling the weapon during rehearsal, he still bears some moral responsibility for the outcome.

What was the cause of the Rust movie set shooting?

The investigation is still ongoing, but safety lapses and negligence around use of weapons, props and ammunition on the set contributed to the deadly accident. Specifically, lead ammunition got loaded into a prop revolver that was improperly prepared by the film’s young, relatively inexperienced armorer and her team.

Why hasn’t Alec Baldwin been arrested or charged?

Investigators are still gathering evidence and assessing degrees of liability. Building a criminal case around an accident takes time and deliberation. Even if no charges are filed, Baldwin still faces likely civil lawsuits in the years ahead over the shooting and loss of Halyna Hutchins.

Does Alec Baldwin feel remorse about the shooting incident?

Baldwin conveyed sadness, cooperation with authorities and condolences for Hutchins’ family in initial statements after the tragedy. However, a tone-deaf interview months later and other PR missteps fueled criticism that Baldwin seems insufficiently concerned about the death of Hutchins. This apparent lack of empathy contributes to ongoing anger toward him.

Did Alec Baldwin marry a Spanish woman?

Baldwin’s wife Hilaria claimed for years to be a Spanish immigrant, but reporting revealed she was actually born and raised in Boston as Hillary Hayward-Thomas. This discovery added to the sense that Baldwin is arrogant and image-conscious behind the scenes. Hilaria’s exaggerated heritage prompted a scandal that didn’t help Alec’s tarnished public standing since the shooting

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