Why Do People Hate Angelina Jolie: Analyzing the Polarizing Views on Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous and influential actresses in Hollywood. As a talented performer, director, and humanitarian, she has garnered significant praise and popularity over her decades-long career. However, despite her accolades, Jolie has also faced criticism and dislike from some people over the years.

What are the main reasons people dislike Angelina Jolie?

One of the top reasons cited for disliking Jolie is her activism and willingness to speak out on controversial political topics. As a high-profile celebrity, she leverages her platform to advocate for human rights issues and bring awareness to global crises.

This rubs some people the wrong way who would prefer she stick to entertainment rather than use her fame to push certain causes.

Perception she broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Another common source of criticism stems from the early days of Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt. When they got together in 2005, Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston in what was considered a high-profile Hollywood romance.

As the “other woman,” Jolie endured heavy dislike for supposedly breaking them up. Despite confirmation from Pitt and Aniston themselves that the marriage was over beforehand, some fans still blame Jolie.

Eccentric behavior and past

In her younger years, Jolie’s eclectic personality and penchant for danger earned her a reputation as odd or even unhinged in the eyes of the public.

From a troubled childhood, to Gothic aesthetics, to wearing a vial of blood around her neck during her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, her controversial behavior contributed to negative perceptions by some. While she has stabilized in recent decades, the stigma still remains for many.

Allegations of child abuse toward son Maddox

Jolie has faced investigate child services visits regarding potential child abuse toward her eldest adoptive son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt. Though Jolie denied all allegations, rumors and assumptions surrounding the high-profile cases have fueled increased dislike among certain audiences based on her parenting choices alone.

What incidents made people dislike Angelina Jolie even more?

As mentioned regarding the love triangle with Brad Pitt, Jolie faced immediate backlash over allegedly stealing another woman’s husband. Despite their statements absolving her, Jolie still bears hatred today among diehard Jennifer Aniston fans who saw the actress as America’s sweetheart.

Vanity Fair article on split from Brad Pitt

After separating from Brad Pitt in 2016, Jolie’s Vanity Fair interview and cover story later that year came across overly-dramatic and attention-seeking to some readers.

In it, she described intense emotions over the split and indicated possible exploitative parental behavior on Pitt’s end. Her one-sided account through flowery prose elicited more negativity from people already inclined to dislike her.

Removing children from Brad Pitt’s life

As their divorce and custody battle unfolded, reports indicated Jolie aimed to cut Brad Pitt out of their children’s lives almost entirely.

From barring them from visiting during movie shoots to leaking negative stories, her apparent vendetta against her ex through their kids made people further question her stability and integrity.

Humanitarian work perceived as disingenuous

Due to aforementioned factors contributing to her poor public image, Jolie’s extensive humanitarian efforts have struck some people as insincere and merely for show. Rather than recognizing her aid to global causes as genuine, critics dismiss it as just an act to fuel her savior complex and grab headlines.

Recent legal battle with Brad Pitt

Jolie attracted fresh waves dislike in 2022 upon launching a major lawsuit against Brad Pitt regarding their co-owned French winery.

Attempting financial takeover of an asset they had shared and worked on as a couple comes across as a spiteful money grab to some former fans. Her ongoing attempts to fight Pitt through legal action continues painting her in a negative light.

The level of dislike for Angelina Jolie warranted?

Like with most celebrities, the intense negativity directed at Jolie goes beyond what her actual known actions likely warrant. While one can reasonably critique some choices or behaviors, the sheer virulent hatred she inspires seems disproportionate. As a human being, she contains both positive and negative traits – making black-and-white judgments difficult.

However, her longevity in the spotlight and the richness of her personal life provide more fuel for passion on either side. The length and complexity of her journey in the public eye renders definitive assessments nearly impossible.

Ultimately, the extreme polarity of opinions surrounding Angelina Jolie proves emblematic of a wider culture prone to snap judgments based on limited information. Perhaps the fairest perception lies somewhere in the middle.

Table A – Reasons People Dislike Angelina Jolie

Homewrecker with Brad PittBlamed for breaking up his marriage with Jennifer Aniston
Eccentric behaviorControversial goth image and unusual actions
Child abuse allegationsInvestigated over abuse toward adopted son Maddox
Vanity Fair interviewOverly dramatic article about her split from Brad
Cutting kids from BradNot letting Pitt see children during divorce/custody case
Inauthentic humanitarianismDismissing aid work as being disingenuous
Legal battle over wineryGreedy lawsuit against Pitt regarding their co-owned asset

Table B – Reasons People Like Angelina Jolie

Acting abilityTalented performer in films like Girl Interrupted, Salt, Maleficent
Directing skillsEarned respect for work behind the camera on movies like Unbroken, First They Killed My Father
Humanitarian workServes as Special Envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Health advocacyUnderwent preventive surgeries and spoke out regarding cancer gene
Dedicated momAdopted 3 children and had 3 biological kids with Brad Pitt
Stunning beautyFrequently touted as most beautiful woman in the world
ConfidenceEmbodies strong female empowerment regarding identity and sexuality

Table C – Angelina Jolie Movies

MovieYearBox OfficeAwards
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider2001$274 millionNominated for 1 Oscar
Mr. & Mrs. Smith2005$478 million3 Teen Choice Awards
Changeling2008$113 millionNominated for 3 Oscars
Maleficent2014$758 millionNominated for 1 Oscar

Table D – Jennifer Aniston Movies After 2005 Breakup

MovieYearBox OfficeAwards
The Break-Up2006$205 million8 Teen Choice Award nominations
Marley & Me2008$242 millionTeen Choice Award for Comedy Movie
Just Go With It2011$214 millionPeople’s Choice Award for Comedy Movie
Horrible Bosses2011$209 millionTeen Choice Award nomination
We’re the Millers2013$270 million2 People’s Choice Award nominations

Table E – Angelina Jolie Humanitarian Awards

Citizen of the World Award2003Work with UNHCR
World Recognition Award2007Contribution to humanitarian work
Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award2007Efforts with UNHCR
Humanitarian Award2011Lifetime of humanitarian work
Jean Hersholt Award2013Outstanding philanthropic efforts

Should people forgive Angelina Jolie?

The level of hatred directed towards her seems excessive given we do not actually know celebrities on a personal basis. Holding onto resentment for so long, even if valid initially, likely says more about the people judging than Jolie herself at this point. At some stage, allowing people room to learn from mistakes and move forward constructively benefits all.

No, she likely hasn’t changed

While the intensity of animosity seems disproportionate, little evidence exists suggesting genuine evolution away from her most damaging behaviors.

Unless admitting wrongdoing and making amends, blanket forgiveness could enable further harm toward innocent parties like Brad Pitt and their children. Some public figures likely deserve skepticism more than forgiveness.

It depends on her actions going forward

Ultimately, individuals can decide for themselves whether to forgive Angelina Jolie based on her conduct going forward. If she makes a concerted effort to take accountability, learn from missteps, and avoid contributing to further harm of others, that willingness to grow deserves some grace.

However, the likelihood of such dramatic change in personality and values remains doubtful considering her pattern of behavior over decades so far. For the skeptical, keeping healthy boundaries around someone with her history of damaging actions seems wise as well.

As with most aspects of humanity, the truth occupies shades of gray between black and white judgments. Her positive and negative qualities coexist in a complex blend not easily untangled. So while forgiving Jolie herself might restore some sense of perspective, it requires nuance beyond blanket condemnation or absolution.


In assessing the ongoing antipathy felt toward Angelina Jolie by a portion of the population even today, the sheer obsession with a celebrity most do not know in actuality seems puzzling at first glance. The intensity of emotion exceeds what objective analysis of her actions reasonably warrants. However, a confluence of factors allows some context around why she inspires such impassioned responses from all camps – both devotees and detractors.

Looking beyond just surface impressions from headlines, the nuance of her journey shines light on why she simultaneously draws such ardent praise or criticism. Traumatic early experiences damaged her state yet ignited purpose.

Spectacular beauty and talent fueled adoration yet invited objectification. Her activism and aid work brought help to many while spawning suspicion as well. And through it all, she made choices spurring understandable backlash yet still arguably endures disproportionate loathing.

In the end, Angelina Jolie incites such extreme reactions because she encompasses the best and worst of human nature within one person. Her capacity for altruism and harm, wisdom and folly renders her no hero or villain but rather a flawed, contradictory soul like most people contain to varying degrees.

Discerning truth requires acknowledging both virtues and flaws coexisting rather than damning or deifying blindly based on incomplete knowledge of a stranger. With radical empathy for the shared hopes and hurts binding all people, calmer analysis can prevail over reactionary judgment toward anyone in the spotlight henceforth

Frequently Asked Questions About Disliking Angelina Jolie

Why do people still hate Angelina Jolie so much?

As outlined regarding her various controversies and scandals, initial animosity toward Jolie stemming from certain situations still lingers years later. Her unfavorable public perception endures due to lacking meaningful accountability, apologies, or evidence she has evolved positively over time. People often dislike her by default based on engrained biases.

Is most of the Jolie hatred just due to being Team Jennifer?

While devotion to Jennifer Aniston plays a role certainly, multiple other actions on Jolie’s part completely unrelated to romantic interpersonal drama have fueled criticism as well.

From parenting choices, to her humanitarianism, to legal conflicts, her overall judgment and decision making across the board draws visceral reactions beyond just scorned Jennifer fans.

Does Jolie deserve less backlash because she’s suffered too?

Some argue the extreme condemnation overreaches considering her traumatic early years and health issues later faced as an adult. However, while mitigating factors allow empathy for hardships she has endured, they do not excuse harmful behavior negatively impacting other innocent people – especially children introduced into a volatile situation.

Has Jolie done meaningful humanitarian work or is it all image?

Just as public perceptions tend toward disproportionate praise or criticism when only seeing celebrities through a media lens, the sincerity question regarding her aid work contains nuance.

Likely both genuine altruism and self-interest in an enhanced legacy coexist in her UN work rather than purely one or the other. Granting benefit of the doubt suggests her efforts have still impacted many positively.

What could she do to gain more goodwill from the public?

Genuine acknowledgment of wrongdoings along with avoiding aggressive legal action over joint assets with Brad Pitt would signify meaningful personal accountability and evolution.

Stepping further out of the spotlight to keep focusing quietly on raising her children in a stable environment would also show commitment to her family over clinging to fame. Willingness for candid self-reflection would improve perceptions over time as well.

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