Why Do People Hate Casey Affleck: Reasons Behind the Casey Affleck Hate Storm

Casey Affleck is an Academy Award-winning American actor known for films like “Gone Baby Gone,” “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” and “Manchester by the Sea.”

However, Affleck has been controversial due to sexual harassment allegations from 2010 as well as perceived privilege as the younger brother of director Ben Affleck. This has led some people to dislike or “hate” Casey Affleck.

Best Actor Oscar Win Was Controversial

Many were upset when Casey Affleck won the Best Actor Oscar in 2017 for his role in “Manchester by the Sea” since he had settled sexual harassment suits in 2010 from two women who worked on a film he was directing.

The #OscarsSoMale protests highlighted this controversy given the history of sexual misconduct issues in Hollywood. Some felt he shouldn’t have been rewarded with such a prestige honor.

Accused of Sexual Harassment in 2010

In 2010, Affleck was sued by two women on the crew of his film “I’m Still Here” alleging sexual harassment and unwelcome behavior. While Affleck denied the allegations, he settled both suits privately later that year.

Due to nondisclosure agreements, the exact details and resolutions of the allegations has remained unclear. Nonetheless, it sparked a backlash among those who saw it as an abuse of power or indicative of privilege.

2009Affleck directs mockumentary “I’m Still Here” starring Joaquin Phoenix
2010Two crew members sue Affleck for sexual harassment during filming
2010Affleck settles both suits out of court
2016“Manchester by the Sea” releases starring Affleck
2017Affleck wins Best Actor Oscar, renews attention on allegations

Faced Criticism for Not Addressing the Allegations

After the sexual harassment suits in 2010, Affleck has largely declined to discuss or directly address the allegations from his accusers. While settlements often come with confidentiality agreements, some saw his silence as evidence of privilege or perceived lack of accountability in light of the #MeToo movement.

This choice to not discuss the settled suits has helped fuel ongoing criticisms and contempt from detractors years later even in light of his accolades for “Manchester by the Sea”.

There is Resentment Towards His Hollywood Privilege

Beyond the harassment allegations themselves, some of the animosity towards Casey Affleck also relates to a sense of resentment about privilege in Hollywood. As the younger brother of director/movie star.

Ben Affleck, some perceive Casey as having received opportunities in accessing coveted acting roles and movies to direct compared to equally or more talented performers lacking famous family ties. Whether fair or not, this nepotism complaint factors into the hatred piled onto Casey Affleck especially in light of other controversies.

Been Defended By Some As Well

While Casey Affleck undeniably has detractors, he maintains supporters in the industry as well. His “Manchester by the Sea” director Kenneth Lonergan vouched for him as a “very, very decent person” during the Oscar controversy. Actress Michelle Williams also praised Affleck despite graphic rumors from their time working together.

Some see the treatment towards Affleck as unfairly harsh given settlements often carry non-admission clauses no matter the truth. Others do not believe past allegations should indefinitely stain someone’s career and talents. But the court of public opinion remains split.

There Are Open Questions About What Actually Happened

A root challenge underpinning the hatred towards Casey Affleck is that the confidential 2010 settlements mean the public may never know what actually occurred between him and his accusers on the set of “I’m Still Here.”

This leaves open speculation for some of the worst assumptions while his supporters defend him as an innocent target of extortion. If any candid details emerged to validate either viewpoint, it could drastically shift perceptions in the court of public opinion. Until then both lovers and haters of Casey Affleck remain entrenched on opposing sides of the divide.


In looking at why do people hate Casey Affleck, valid reasons relate to sexual harassment allegations from 2010, criticism over his privilege in Hollywood as Ben Affleck’s brother, contempt for not publicly addressing controversial lawsuits that were settled, and uncertainty over what actually transpired given the lack of public facts.

While maintaining a level of success and supporters, Affleck’s public perception remains broadly tainted by an unflattering public record even as his artistry has been critically lauded including winning an Oscar. The divide around Affleck represents larger questions about how we grapple with imperfect allies or artists in media who carry controversial personal histories.

Until Casey Affleck chooses to either address long-standing allegations more transparently, or makes a stronger case for personal reform and redemption, he will likely remain defined by these past lawsuits for many especially in the #MeToo era.

Whether hatred towards him is justified depends on currently missing details around what actually occurred. But without that clarity, people have ample reasons based on the available public record to fuel ongoing disdain for Affleck rooted in highly plausible allegations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casey Affleck’s Controversies

What did Casey Affleck get accused of?

In 2010, Affleck was sued for sexual harassment by two women who worked on his film “I’m Still Here” starring Joaquin Phoenix. Specific allegations included unwelcome advances, crude remarks, and instructing another crew member to show a plaintiff his penis against her will. He settled both lawsuits that same year.

Did Casey Affleck apologize or address the allegations?

No. Affleck has largely declined media requests to discuss the 2010 lawsuits or offer any direct commentary. He has not made any public statements apologizing or addressing the merits of the allegations against him over the past decade.

Has Affleck faced career repercussions from the allegations?

While some believe Affleck should have faced harsher repercussions, he continues working in major films and won the 2017 Best Actor Oscar for “Manchester by the Sea.” But awareness of past allegations has impacted his public perception and reception to newer roles.

Why didn’t the allegations stop his Oscar nomination/win?

While sexual assault allegations derailed Oscar chances for stars like Kevin Spacey or James Franco, Affleck still won in 2017 partly because the suits were older, settled without admission, and due process had run its course absent a criminal charge or finding of guilt beyond civil liability.

Does the public still think poorly of Casey Affleck?

Affleck remains a polarizing figure given the legacy of his past allegations and resulting settlements. While some admire his work enough to overlook controversies, for many others the lawsuit settlements alone offered proof of morally disqualifying behavior deserving of scorn based on the nature this type of harassment.

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