Why Do People Hate Drew Barrymore: The Surprising Truths Behind Drew Barrymore’s Critics

Drew Barrymore is one of the most well-known and prolific actresses in Hollywood. She started acting at a very young age and has starred in countless beloved films like E.T., 50 First Dates, and Charlie’s Angels.

However, despite her success, Barrymore has also faced a significant amount of backlash and hatred from some people over the years. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the major reasons why Drew Barrymore has her detractors.

Why is Drew Barrymore Controversial?

Drew Barrymore has ruffled some feathers over the years for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the main controversies surrounding the actress:

Wild Child Past

One of the biggest strikes against Barrymore is her turbulent childhood. She was going to nightclubs and had a serious drinking problem by age 9. By her early teens, she was in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. This wild child past made her a controversial figure early on.

Baring It All

At age 19, Barrymore further stirred controversy by posing nude for Playboy magazine. This nude pictorial was considered shocking at the time and solidified Barrymore’s “bad girl” reputation.

Unconventional Lifestyle

Barrymore has raised eyebrows with her unusual lifestyle choices. She lived in her car for a period of time in her youth. She also married and divorced several times, including short marriages to bar owner Jeremy Thomas and comedian Tom Green. Her carefree, hippie approach to life has put off some more conservative types.

Why Do Some People Dislike Her Personality?

In addition to her controversial past and choices, some individuals also take issue with Drew Barrymore’s personality and public persona. Here are some of the common critiques about her personality:

“Too Flaky”

Some see Barrymore as flighty, ditzy, and lacking in seriousness. They feel she comes across as too bubbly and girlish for their liking. They see her as flaky and not fully grounded.

“Tries Too Hard”

Others feel that Barrymore works too hard to cultivate her kooky, free-spirited image. They believe she tries too hard to be seen as carefree, fun, and relatable. To them, it can seem overly calculated.

“Not Intelligent”

Due to the ditzy characters she has played and her playful public image, some people assume Barrymore lacks intelligence. They see her as merely a bubbly lightweight without much depth.

“Too Open”

Some are put off by Barrymore’s open policy of sharing details about her personal life. They feel her oversharing comes across as attention seeking or tacky.

Why Do Critics Take Issue With Her Career?

Beyond just her persona, Drew Barrymore has also faced some backlash over the trajectory of her extensive career in show business. Here are some of the criticisms about her acting work and career decisions:

Peaked Early

Barrymore reached incredible heights as a child actor in E.T. Some feel she has coasted on that early fame without matching that level of success ever since. They argue she has failed to choose strong roles or franchises to ensure an enduring career.

Makes Bad Films

The critics have panned numerous films Barrymore has starred in, like Going the Distance, Whip It, and Blended. She’s been accused of making too many lowbrow, forgettable films that lack artistic merit.

Plays the Same Character

Many see Barrymore as leaning too heavily on playing slight variations of her bubbly, quirky onscreen persona. They feel she lacks range and gravitas as an actress.

Career Decline

After a string of films that underperformed at the box office, some have argued Barrymore’s star power is on the decline. She’s not able to draw in audiences like she used to.

Sold Out

Some indie film fans believe Barrymore has sold out by appearing in too many mainstream, bland big budget films. They prefer the edgier roles she played earlier in her career.

What Controversial Actions Has She Taken?

In addition to the ongoing criticism of her career and persona, Drew Barrymore has also generated controversy with specific actions over the years:

Flashing David Letterman

In 1995, Barrymore made headlines for flashing her breasts to David Letterman during an appearance on his late night show. This moment of reckless spontaneity did not sit well with some viewers.

Public Divorce

Barrymore’s very public and contentious divorce from Tom Green played out messily in the tabloids. Some saw her speaking negatively about Green as tasteless and undignified.

Dissing Other Women

On the set of Charlie’s Angels, reports emerged about Barrymore being critical and unkind toward co-star Cameron Diaz. Some saw this as Barrymore having a diva attitude.

Using Drugs and Alcohol in Front of Daughters

When photos surfaced of Barrymore allegedly smoking pot and drinking in front of her two daughters, some parents criticized her parenting skills. They felt she set a poor example.

Refusing to Lose Baby Weight

After her pregnancies, Barrymore made it clear she had no interest in rushing to lose weight. Some saw this as Barrymore promoting an unhealthy postpartum message.

What Do People Say is Her Most Annoying Habit?

One trait of Drew Barrymore that consistently irks her critics is:

Name Dropping

Barrymore frequently brings up her famous friends and idols in interviews – like Steven Spielberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz. She also rattles off prominent people she’s dated. Some find this name dropping annoying and egotistical. They see it as bragging about her social status.

Should People Give Drew Barrymore Another Chance?

Despite the various controversies throughout Drew Barrymore’s life, there are good arguments for giving her another chance:

  • She had an incredibly difficult childhood that affected her choices.
  • She has matured and evolved over the decades.
  • She is actively involved in charity work.
  • Most co-workers describe her as kind, humble and professional.
  • She chooses film roles based on passion, not box office potential.
  • She has learned from past mistakes and controversies.
  • She admits to past regrets and does not try to defend every past action.
  • She is still a talented and hard working actress.
  • She sets an example as a single working mother.
  • She has apologized when appropriate for missteps.
  • She uses her platform and fame to positively impact the world.

Perhaps it’s time for people to let go of past controversies, have an open mind, and see Drew Barrymore for who she is today. While no one is perfect, she has shown growth and does not deserve some of the excessive hatred she has received. With an open heart, compassion and understanding, there are good reasons to give her another chance.


Drew Barrymore is undoubtedly a polarizing celebrity who elicits strong opinions both for and against her. She has made controversial choices ever since she burst onto the Hollywood scene as a child star. Her early addiction issues, provocative magazine spreads, outspokenness about her personal life, and acting career ups and downs have all come under heavy scrutiny over the decades.

However, it’s worth noting that she had an incredibly unstable childhood and was forced to grow up in the public eye under intense pressure. She has made efforts to better herself personally and professionally over the years. While she is not without faults, the level of vitriol directed her way seems excessive considering her efforts to learn from past mistakes.

Perhaps the complexity of her public persona is what leaves so many feeling divided about Drew Barrymore. She contains multitudes – alternating between reckless and sober, bubbly and serious, kind and diva-like behavior. This makes it challenging to reconcile the different aspects of her personality into one tidy impression.

At the end of the day, the intense hatred that some harbor against Drew Barrymore seems disproportionate to her actual transgressions. While criticism of some choices is valid, she does not deserve the extreme demonization that has come her way at times.

With open-mindedness and empathy, there seems ample reason to give her another chance rather than dismiss her entirely based on regrettable moments from her past. She has proven her capability for charity, professionalism and raising awareness for key issues. As one of Hollywood’s most familiar faces, it may be in everyone’s best interest to make peace with the ups and downs of Drew Barrymore’s story.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Drew Barrymore

Why do some people think Drew Barrymore is annoying?

Some people find Drew Barrymore annoying because of her tendency to overshare personal details, constant name dropping, playing similar ditzy characters, and trying too hard to appear cute and quirky.

What was Drew Barrymore’s most controversial magazine cover?

Drew Barrymore caused her biggest magazine controversy by posing nude for Playboy in 1995 when she was only 19 years old.

What happened when Drew Barrymore flashed David Letterman?

In 1995, Drew Barrymore made headlines for lifting her shirt and flashing her breasts to David Letterman during an appearance on his late night talk show. This moment of spontaneity outraged some viewers.

Did Drew Barrymore have addiction issues as a kid?

Yes, Drew Barrymore struggled with serious drug and alcohol addiction issues as a child. By age 13 she had already been in rehab twice and went to clubs drinking heavily.

Why do people say Drew Barrymore plays the same characters?

Critics argue Drew Barrymore has played slight variations of the same bubbly, ditzy, kooky free spirit in films like The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Blended and more.

What was Drew Barrymore’s most controversial breakup?

Drew Barrymore’s divorce from comedian Tom Green in the early 2000s was her most sensationalized and contentious breakup. She publicly made unflattering comments about him.

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