Why Do People Hate Gal Gadot: The Surprising Factors Fueling Gal Gadot Criticism

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model best known for playing Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films. Despite her popularity and success, Gadot has faced some backlash and criticism from certain groups over the years. Here is an in-depth look at some of the main reasons why some people dislike or hate Gal Gadot.

Criticism of Her Views on Israel-Palestine Conflict

One of the major reasons why Gal Gadot generates controversy is her open support for Israel and its policies towards Palestine. Gadot served two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat instructor. She has been vocal about her pride in her time in the military.

Many critics take issue with Gadot’s pro-Israel stance in the ongoing territorial dispute with Palestine. They accuse her of being a Zionist who supports Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. Some campaigns like [#NoWayGalGadot] have called for boycotting her films. Supporters of Palestine argue that Gadot is implicitly supporting oppression of Palestinians through her political views.

What is the Israel-Palestine conflict?

The Israel-Palestine conflict is an ongoing dispute over land and borders in the Middle East. Israel controls and occupies territories like the West Bank and Gaza Strip that Palestinians claim belong to them. There is controversy over Israeli settlements, Palestinian statehood, control of Jerusalem, and more. This complex geopolitical issue has lasted for decades.

What is Zionism?

Zionism is a nationalist movement that supports the establishment and development of a Jewish nation in the land of Israel. Zionists believe Jews have a right to self-determination there. Critics sometimes equate Zionism with support for controversial Israeli policies towards Palestine.

Backlash for Israeli Military Service

Related to the politics issue is anger at Gal Gadot for having served in the Israeli military. All Israeli citizens must perform at least two years of mandatory military service after turning 18. Gadot enlisted as a combat trainer in the Israel Defense Forces at age 20.

Critics argue that serving in the military makes her complicit in actions against Palestine. However, supporters counter that Gadot was only fulfilling the required national service expected of all Israelis. They don’t believe she should be singled out for meeting this obligation. Still, her praise for her time in the army adds fuel to the controversy.

What does the IDF do?

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is responsible for defending Israel and its citizens. This includes ongoing security operations and measures related to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The IDF has been accused of excessive force and other rights violations by critics.

Do all Israelis have to serve in the military?

Yes, with few exceptions, all Israeli citizens must perform military service starting at age 18. Men must serve for three years, while women must serve for two years. Some opt for non-combat roles like training recruits. After initial service, Israelis may be called up for reserve duty.

Casting Controversy as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman in the DC films sparked some protests and criticism as well. Detractors felt the role should have gone to a woman who was physically larger or more muscular. As a former model, Gadot has a slimmer, more stereotypically Hollywood-actress physique, unlike how Wonder Woman is traditionally depicted in the comics.

Fans debated whether she had the build and stature to portray the fierce Amazonian warrior convincingly. Critics also noted that an Israeli woman was playing a character considered an American patriotic symbol. However, Gadot ultimately succeeded in winning over most skeptics with her performance in the first Wonder Woman film.

Why were some fans upset over her casting?

  • Wanted a more muscular or Amazonian physique truer to the comics
  • Felt a slim model-like actress couldn’t capture Wonder Woman’s warrior spirit
  • Preferred an American woman play this patriotic US character

How did Gadot respond to the criticism?

  • Trained extensively in martial arts, weapons, strength conditioning to gain more athletic build
  • Pointed out that her background as Israeli soldier prepared her for the fight scenes
  • Defended her casting, saying she embodied Wonder Woman’s other traits like compassion

Perceived Lack of Acting Skills and Range

Another common criticism of Gal Gadot is that she lacks refined acting ability and range. As a former model turned actress, some see her as just another pretty face without much talent. Her early film roles were limited to action flicks and comic book movies that didn’t require serious dramatic chops.

Detractors feel she relies more on her outward beauty and charisma than actual acting skill. They believe she has trouble showing depth or vulnerability on screen beyond her signature superhero role. Fans counter that she’s shown improvement with more experience and carries the Wonder Woman films well. But questions about her acting skills persist among critics.

What were her first major acting roles?

  • Debuted as Gisele in Fast & Furious franchise
  • Played minor roles in Date Night (2010) and Knight and Day (2010)
  • First big break as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman (2016)

What types of roles does she typically play?

  • Often cast in action movies and blockbusters
  • Frequently plays physically strong, badass type of characters
  • Hasn’t shown as much range in heavy dramatic or comedic roles
  • Most known for embodying Wonder Woman role

Accusations of Being a Feminist Hypocrite

Gal Gadot has embraced her role as a feminist icon as Wonder Woman and spoken about empowering girls and women. However, some detractors accuse her of being a hypocrite when it comes to actual feminism and female equality.

They point to her work as a model for brands like Gucci and Jaguar that objectify women’s bodies and sexuality to sell products. Critics also highlight her relative silence on issues like gender pay discrimination in Hollywood. Some see her “girl power” brand of feminism as superficial and commercialized.

However, others argue she’s brought needed visibility to women’s issues and serves as an inspiration through the powerful Wonder Woman character. The debate continues around the authenticity of her feminist advocacy beyond the movies.

What are some of her past modeling campaigns?

  • Posed for ads for Gucci, Jaguar, Israeli clothing lines like Hoodies
  • Appeared in Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list in 2007
  • Worked as model for years before becoming actress

What stances has she taken on feminist issues?

  • Spoken generally about need for gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Advocated for increased roles for women on screen during #MeToo era
  • Criticized for not speaking out more on topics like pay gap or discrimination

Accusations of Making Controversial Comments

Gal Gadot has occasionally sparked backlash for making comments during interviews that some perceive as insensitive or controversial. For example, in 2021 she faced criticism from disability advocates for remarks made about how her character didn’t have normal disabilities.

She also made headlines for praising director Joss Whedon, who was accused of misconduct by other Justice League actors. Gadot had to clarify her comments later. While likely not intended to offend, her occasional unwittingly provocative quotes provide more fuel for her critics.

What did she say about disabilities?

In an interview, Gadot said Wonder Woman was not like normal people with disabilities, sparking offense from some disability rights activists. She later clarified she meant the character had unique mythical powers beyond a normal human’s capabilities.

What was the reaction to her Joss Whedon comments?

Gadot praised working with Whedon, who was later accused of abusive behavior. She had to clarify she wasn’t aware of the misconduct claims and supported the victims. Her initial comments were seen as tone-deaf by some.

Perceptions She Is Overrated or Overhyped

Some of the animosity towards Gal Gadot stems from a feeling among critics that she is overrated and overhyped within Hollywood and the media. They believe she gets an excessive amount of attention and praise disproportionate to her talents.

Detractors find her undeserving of being the highest paid actress in the world as she has been at times. They see her as an overexposed celebrity who keeps getting major blockbuster roles due to popularity rather than skill. However, Gal Gadot maintains legions of loyal fans who flock to her movies and strongly disagree with claims she is overrated.

What are some of her top paying roles?

  • Earned $10 million for Wonder Woman
  • Made $20 million for Wonder Woman 1984
  • Was the 3rd highest paid actress in Forbes 2018 ranking

How have directors and co-stars described her?

  • Patty Jenkins called her “the greatest Wonder Woman ever”
  • Ben Affleck called her “the glue that held Justice League together”
  • Often referred to as “perfect fit” and “born to play” Wonder Woman


In summary, Gal Gadot generates controversy for multiple reasons. Her background as an Israeli military veteran and support for Israel draws criticism from Palestine advocates. Some find her insufficiently muscular or American for Wonder Woman, or feel she’s an overrated actress. Feminists debate her advocacy’s authenticity, while critics argue she makes offensive comments.

However, the vitriol often seems excessive given she is mainly just fulfilling the duties expected of Israelis and pursuing an acting career. While her views on politics may alienate some fans, strong box office sales for her Wonder Woman films suggest she remains widely popular. For all the overexposure claims, audiences still flock to see Gadot play the DC superhero she’s become synonymous with.

Love her or hate her, Gal Gadot’s fame ensures she will continue facing scrutiny from across the political spectrum. But the passion surrounding her controversies also confirms her enduring prominence in today’s pop culture landscape. Gadot has emerged as a polarizing persona regarding issues of feminism, conflict and representation.

FAQs about Gal Gadot Criticism

Why was there backlash over her being cast as Cleopatra?

Some critics felt that an Israeli actress shouldn’t play the iconic Egyptian queen. There were also complaints about whitewashing, as Cleopatra was of Macedonian Greek descent, not northern European. Critics thought the role should have gone to a woman of color instead.

What was the controversy over her 2017 GQ Arabia shoot?

Gadot was interviewed by a man for GQ Arabia while wearing a revealing outfit. Some accused the spread of being sexist objectification, at odds with her feminist principles. Critics said the piece sexualized and degraded her.

Did people criticize her for not speaking up sooner about Brett Ratner?

Yes. Ratner had helped finance the Wonder Woman movie despite past sexual misconduct allegations. Gadot didn’t condemn him until the major exposé about his behavior. Her late response led to accusations of staying silent to protect her career.

What did people say about her Oscars “Imagine” video?

Some found her celebrity-filled “Imagine” video during early COVID lockdowns to be out of touch. They thought it trivialized the pandemic’s seriousness. The video was mocked as smug and cringeworthy.

Why did people say she was complicit in Israel’s actions against Palestine?

Due to her open support of Israel and Zionism, some critics accused Gadot of being complicit in Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. They saw her past military service as implicit endorsement of these policies she won’t denounce.

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