Why Do People Hate Tom Holland: The Surprising Reasons Behind the Tom Holland Haters

Tom Holland is a young British actor who has risen to fame in recent years for his portrayal of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Holland has many fans around the world who love his quirky charm and earnest take on the character, he has also garnered a contingent of critics and detractors. Here are some of the main reasons why some viewers don’t like Tom Holland as Spider-Man and as a celebrity.

He’s Seen as Too Young and Immature

One of the most common criticisms of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is that he is too young, inexperienced, and immature compared to previous versions of the character. When Holland was first cast as Spider-Man at age 19, many felt he was far too young to convincingly portray an iconic hero who in the comics is usually depicted as being in his 20s or 30s.

Even after playing the role for several years now, some viewers feel that Holland still comes across as childlike and unseasoned. His very youthful appearance and tendency to joke around a lot make him seem more like a carefree teenager than a responsible hero weighing heavy adult responsibilities.

For those accustomed to the more mature and seasoned take on Spider-Man from actors like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland’s version can feel too immature.

Acting Skills Are Seen as Mediocre

Another common criticism of Tom Holland is that his acting abilities are limited or mediocre compared to other big-name actors out there. While fans argue he encapsulates both the endearing awkwardness of Peter Parker and the wise-cracking bravado of Spider-Man well, critics contend that he relies too much on those same quirky mannerisms.

Some feel that Holland lacks enough emotional depth and range to really sell the more serious, dramatic moments of being Spider-Man. Scenes where he expresses grief and conflict may come off as superficial or hollow rather than nuanced and heartfelt.

His line delivery can seem stilted and lacking gravitas. Overall, he is not regarded by some as a stand-out acting talent compared to other MCU stars like Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston.

Lacks the Physical Presence of Other Spider-Men

Compared to previous Spider-Man actors like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland also lacks their taller, stronger physical presence that matches people’s mental image of the iconic web-slinger. Maguire and Garfield were both over 6 feet tall and had athletic wrestler’s builds that made them look right at home in the full Spider-Man costume.

In contrast, Holland is only 5’8″ with a slighter, more slender build. While certainly athletic enough to pull off the role, his smaller stature makes some feel he lacks the imposing physicality and commanding screen presence of other Spider-Men.

When actually in the suit doing stunts and action sequences, the size difference is less noticeable. But some still feel he seems unintimidating and unimposing when simply walking around or standing next to other actors.

Perceived as Too Closely Tied to the MCU

Another common criticism of Tom Holland’s take on Spider-Man is that it comes across as too intrinsically tied to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than standing on its own. Because Holland’s version of Spider-Man made his debut in an MCU film – Captain America: Civil War – some argue the character never quite had a chance to be fully established on his own terms.

Combined with factors like Tony Stark being a mentor figure and appearances from other MCU characters, some viewers feel that Holland’s Spider-Man doesn’t have his own distinct flavor. Instead, he feels more like an ordinary supporting player in the grand tapestry of the MCU rather than the compelling lead of his own self-contained world.

For Spidey fans hoping for a solo outing with more of its own unique style and tone, Tom Holland’s incarnation can feel a little too diluted by the wider MCU.

Lacks the Character’s Working-Class Struggles

Going hand-in-hand with criticisms about Holland’s version of Spider-Man being too tied to the MCU is the argument that the character lacks the financial struggles and working-class woes that have defined him for decades in the comics.

Whereas Peter Parker traditionally had to hustle for cash, take freelance photography gigs, and pinch pennies in the comics, Holland’s big-screen version often relies on perks like high-tech suits financed by Tony Stark’s riches.

Rather than a scrappy, down-to-Earth kid from Queens just trying to get by, this version of Spider-Man is aided by access to Avengers resources and Stark Industries tech. For purists who want to see the character’s humble, hardscrabing roots as an essential part of his DNA, Holland’s Spidey feels like too much of a Nick Fury-approved superhero rather than a financially struggling, working-class kid.

Perceived as Overexposed

Like many other Marvel movie stars, some audiences feel that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is suffering from overexposure in too many films in too short a time. In just a few years since first donning the costume in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, Holland has already starred in two solo Spider-Man movies and appeared in three different Avengers films as well.

For viewers already fatigued by the packed release schedule of MCU films, seeing Spider-Man pop up so frequently can make the character seem less special and eventful. Rather than a headlining star who only occasionally drops in for a big solo adventure, this version of Spidey runs the risk of blending into the background as a regular supporting player who is simply always around. For some, less Holland Spider-Man would have retained more of the character’s appeal and mystique.

He’s Seen as a Corporate Choice Rather Than an Inspired Casting

On a related note, Tom Holland’s casting and entire tenure as Spider-Man is seen by some as a product of corporate machinations rather than genuine inspiration. Some criticize that he feels like an executive’s calculated choice designed to appeal to young audiences first and embody the true spirit of the character second.

The extensively contracted nature of his role — tying him to a certain number of solo movies and team-up appearances — fuels a sense that the priority was hammering out a lucrative business deal rather than finding the best organic casting.

Combined with factors like his youth and overexposure, Holland’s whole status as the current big-screen Spider-Man feels more like a marketing-driven enterprise rather than a creatively inspired choice to many.

Lacks Chemistry with Other Characters

Part of what makes the web-slinger such an appealing hero is his relationships with other colorful characters from his comics world. Unfortunately, some viewers feel that Tom Holland has little natural chemistry or dynamism with his co-stars in the Spider-Man films.

Whether it’s the awkward energy between him and Zendaya’s MJ or the uneven mentor-pupil dynamic with Tony Stark, the key relationships in Holland’s Spider-Man films are often criticized as lacking spark and genuine emotional connection.

For a character defined by his bonds with larger-than-life figures like J. Jonah Jameson and Mary Jane Watson, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man doesn’t generate the anticipated electricity opposite his own supporting players.


While still beloved by a legion of loyal fans, Tom Holland’s incarnation of Spider-Man also inspires criticism and dislike from some viewers for a variety of reasons. Factors like his youth, small stature, dependence on MCU resources, and alleged lack of depth as an actor have fueled arguments that he falls short of doing the beloved character justice compared to his predecessors.

However, as Holland continues to grow into the role over time and new films further develop his version of Spidey, the actor still has opportunities to potentially win over more of the skeptics. At the end of the day, Holland’s friendly, enthusiastic take may not be universally loved, but he still provides an entertaining web-slinging experience on-screen for many moviegoers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Why People Dislike Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Why do some fans think Tom Holland is miscast as Spider-Man?

Many longtime Spider-Man fans think Holland seems too young, immature, and inexperienced compared to previous actors in the role like Tobey Maguire. His very youthful looks and tendency to joke around clash with their vision of Spider-Man as older and more mature and responsible.

How is Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man different than in the comics?

In the comics, Spider-Man is usually depicted as an older, financially struggling young adult resident of Queens. Tom Holland’s version relies more on Tony Stark and Avengers resources, making him feel less working-class.

What are some common critiques of Tom Holland’s acting ability?

Some critics argue Holland relies too heavily on quirky mannerisms and lacks emotional depth in more serious scenes. His line delivery can feel stilted, and he lacks gravitas compared to other MCU stars.

Why do some fans think there have been too many Spider-Man movies starring Tom Holland?

In just a few years, Holland has already starred in two solo Spider-Man films and appeared in three different Avengers movies, leading to fatigue for some audiences. Too much exposure can make the character seem less special.

How has Spider-Man’s dependence on Tony Stark and the Avengers hurt Holland’s version?

Heavy use of MCU elements like high-tech Stark suits and mentoring from Iron Man rob Holland’s Spider-Man of having his own distinct flavor and world, according to critics.

What relationships lack chemistry in the Tom Holland Spider-Man films?

Holland’s Spider-Man is criticized for having awkward, uneven dynamics with characters like Zendaya’s MJ and Tony Stark, lacking the natural energy that defines Spidey in comics.

Why do some see Tom Holland as a poor casting choice for Spider-Man?

Rather than seeming like creatively inspired casting, Holland feels like a calculated studio choice designed to appeal to young audiences. The extensive business deals fuel a sense he was corporate rather than ideal choice.

How does Tom Holland’s slight build hurt his credibility as Spider-Man for some?

Unlike previous muscular Spider-Man actors, Holland’s smaller 5’8” frame looks less imposing and commanding in the suit, hurting the character’s physicality.

What opportunities does Tom Holland have to improve as Spider-Man in future films?

As Holland continues growing into the role over time, further developing his version of the character could help win over more skeptical fans who currently find his portrayal lacking.

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