Why Do People Hate Brittany Mahomes: Addressing the Hate Directed at Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes is the wife of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. She has received a lot of criticism and hate online over the past few years. Here are some of the main reasons why people seem to dislike Brittany Mahomes:

Seen as Attention-Seeking

One of the most common complaints about Brittany Mahomes is that she craves attention and wants to be famous. She is very active on social media, often posting videos and photos showing off her lavish lifestyle. Some feel she tries too hard to stay relevant and seek attention.

For example, during Chiefs games, the camera often pans to her in the stands. Viewers criticize her for trying to steal attention from the actual game and players. She has also recorded sideline TikTok dances that many find inappropriate during a serious NFL game.

Leverages Patrick Mahomes’ Fame

As Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany benefits from his fame as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. However, many accuse her of exploiting Mahomes’ status for her own gain.

She has promoted products and partnerships on her social media. When she got pregnant, she announced deals with Whataburger and Homage sports apparel. It seemed like she was capitalizing on her pregnancy and relationship to Mahomes for financial gain.

Some think she wants to become a celebrity in her own right by piggybacking on Mahomes’ existing popularity.

Seems High Maintenance and Entitled

Brittany’s lavish lifestyle displayed on social media strikes some as high maintenance or entitled behavior.

For example, her Instagram shows expensive outfits, luxury brand shopping sprees, courtside NBA seats, and vacation getaways. She even traveled on a private jet to get Chick-fil-A once.

This opulent lifestyle may rub people as out-of-touch or excessive when most NFL fans don’t live so extravagantly. Some may perceive Brittany as a privileged “football princess.”

Backlash Against the Mahomes Family Branding

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes want to build a “brand” around their family. They trademarked phrases like “Mahomies” and 15andMahomies.”

However, this perceived image consciousness and brand-building draws criticism from those who see it as inauthentic or just a money grab. The haters accuse them of trying to cash in on Mahomes’ success with merchandising and marketing opportunities.

She Can Come Across as Immature

Despite being a wife and soon-to-be mom, some note that Brittany can still seem immature or childish at times.

For instance, she has feuded with fans on Twitter, blocking users who give her even minor criticism. This reaction strikes some as thin-skinned.

There’s also the aforementioned TikTok dancing on the sidelines at NFL games. Even though she’s in her late 20s, some feel she seeks attention like a teenager.

Overexposure Leads to Backlash

As happens with many celebrities these days, overexposure tends to breed contempt from the public. Brittany Mahomes faces this issue as well.

Between her constant social media presence, TV cutaways during Chiefs games, and coverage of her pregnancy, some fans think there’s too much of Brittany in the spotlight.

For viewers who don’t follow her closely online, the frequent look-ins on her during games seem gratuitous and distracting. This overexposure has likely fueled some of the backlash.

Disrupted a Colts Game

One specific incident added to the animosity from football fans. During a 2015 Chiefs-Colts playoff game, she and Jackson Mahomes (Patrick’s brother) intentionally distracted Colts players on the sidelines.

Fans saw this as bad sportsmanship and unfairly helping the Chiefs by interfering with the opposing team. This soured many people who saw it as going too far to support the Chiefs.

People See Her as a Distraction

Finally, some critics argue Brittany Mahomes hurts Patrick Mahomes’ performance or legacy. They blame her for being a distraction that takes Mahomes’ focus off football.

After Mahomes had a shaky start to the 2022 season, some actually claimed it was the “Brittany effect” hurting his play. Of course, that perspective itself likely goes too far.

Still, it shows how some fans see her as detrimental to Mahomes’ career, while also diminishing his brand. Even if that view is inaccurate, it further fuels resentment toward Brittany.

Why the Brittany Mahomes Hate Goes Too Far

The criticism toward Brittany Mahomes stems primarily from her online presence and thirst for fame. However, the negativity often goes too far:

  • She’s not harming anyone: Her attention-seeking is mostly harmless. As Patrick Mahomes’ wife, she has every right to promote herself.
  • It’s misogynistic: Women get accused of chasing fame and using their partner’s status far more than men. Brittany’s case has some sexist double standards.
  • She’s successful in her own right: She built a following as a soccer star and fitness instructor before Mahomes. She’s an ambitious woman who likely would’ve had her own career anyway.
  • It’s their choice: If Patrick Mahomes is fine with Brittany’s social media presence, that should be what matters. The couple can manage their own family branding choices.
  • The overexposure is exaggerated: The Chiefs likely show her on camera so much because people dislike her. TV producers feed into the drama.
  • She has the right to live lavishly: Why begrudge someone living an affluent lifestyle if her partner can afford it? Fans would likely act the same in her shoes.
  • It’s just social media: Her online image may not reflect real life. People portray unreal versions of themselves on Instagram and TikTok.
  • She’s not the only NFL “football princess”: Other player wives act similarly without receiving the same hate. She’s far from the first spouse to benefit from an NFL star’s status.

The Psychology Behind the Brittany Mahomes Hate

On a deeper level, the Brittany Mahomes backlash stems from basic human psychology:


Fans are jealous they don’t have her money, designer goods, fame, and NFL star husband. Rationally, it’s silly to resent her for that, but jealousy is a primal emotion.

Misplaced Aggression

Sports fans need outlets when their teams lose. Instead of getting mad at the players, they take out frustrations on easier targets like Brittany.

Unrealistic Standards

Fans expect player wives to be perfect, humble, all-natural moms. When Brittany acts glamorous and attention-seeking instead, people judge her harshly.

Internalized Misogyny

When women see Brittany objectified by the camera at NFL games, they often slut-shame and attack her rather than empathize.

Celebrity Resentment

Fans build up celebrities, then want to see them knocked down. With her platform, Brittany is now susceptible to that same pattern.

Of course, this armchair psychology doesn’t excuse or fully explain why Brittany Mahomes gets singled out. But it provides perspective on the likely irrational motivations behind much of the criticism toward her online.

Brittany Mahomes’ Side of the Story

To better understand Brittany Mahomes, it helps to consider her background and side of the story:

  • She had her own athletic career before meeting Patrick Mahomes, first as a standout youth baseball player and then a college soccer star.
  • She has said she wants to be her own person and have her own accomplishments separate from Patrick Mahomes.
  • She uses her platform to promote body positivity and self-love to young girls who follow her.
  • According to Mahomes, she helps keep him grounded and does not interfere with his football preparation.
  • She has dismissed accusations of leveraging Mahomes’ fame to build her brand, saying they just want to share their lives authentically.
  • She admits the constant scrutiny is difficult. But she tries to avoid reading negative comments.
  • Despite backlash, she stands by the way she uses social media and won’t change to appease critics.
  • After experiencing a miscarriage, she’s focused on living authentically despite the challenges of being in the public eye.
  • She wants fans to know that what they see online doesn’t show the full picture. She’s a real person trying to navigate an extreme situation.

So while Brittany Mahomes seems to enjoy the limelight, she doesn’t revel in the harsher aspects of life in the public eye. She’s just trying to be herself while building a life with her husband.


In the end, the Brittany Mahomes hate primarily reveals how vicious social media and fan culture can become towards celebrities. While there are reasonable critiques of her online persona, the negativity and slut-shaming go too far. She’s simply living her life, and the extreme backlash likely says more about us than her.

As with any famous figure, we should pause before judging based on superficial perceptions. Brittany Mahomes haters may believe they know her from social media, but there’s much more beneath the surface. Before reacting, we should try to understand the full context of her journey.

No matter one’s opinion of Brittany Mahomes, the relentless mockery ultimately reflects poorly on us as a society. It shows our obsession with celebrity and tendency to unfairly scrutinize women in the spotlight. Rather than pile on the wife of our sports heroes, we could show some basic empathy.

Brittany Mahomes has flaws, but she’s also human like the rest of us. That’s something both admirers and detractors would benefit from remembering.


What does Brittany Mahomes do for a living?

Brittany Mahomes previously played college soccer at the University of Texas at Tyler. Today, she works as a fitness instructor and social media influencer, often promoting products and partnerships. She also co-hosts a podcast called “The Other Ones.”

How did Brittany and Patrick Mahomes meet?

They first met in high school but did not start dating until later when Patrick was at Texas Tech and Brittany was at the University of Texas at Tyler. They reunited at a baseball game and soon began a long-distance relationship.

When did Patrick and Brittany Mahomes get married?

Patrick and Brittany got married in Hawaii on March 12, 2022, nearly two years after getting engaged. Their wedding had been postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do Patrick and Brittany Mahomes have kids?

Yes, Patrick and Brittany welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Sterling Skye Mahomes, in February 2022. They had shared the news of Brittany’s pregnancy back in September 2021.

What NFL team does Patrick Mahomes play for?

Patrick Mahomes is the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was drafted 10th overall by the Chiefs in 2017 and has been their starting quarterback since 2018, leading them to a Super Bowl win in 2019.

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