Why Do People Hate Chris Pratt: Dissecting the Divergent Opinions on Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt has become one of Hollywood’s biggest and most bankable movie stars in recent years, headlining massive blockbuster franchises like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, despite his success, Pratt has faced a growing backlash online from people who seem to have turned against the affable actor. This has led many to wonder – why exactly do some people hate Chris Pratt?

There appear to be a few key factors driving the anti-Pratt sentiment:

Political Views and Controversies

Unlike many other Hollywood celebrities, Chris Pratt has remained largely quiet about his political affiliations and views. He has not been vocal in support of any particular party or politician.

This ambiguity has led some to speculate and project their own assumptions onto what Pratt’s beliefs might be. Some believe his lack of condemnation of right-wing figures like Donald Trump means he is a secret conservative or Republican.

Perceived Ties to Anti-LGBTQ Church

Pratt attends and has donated money to Hillsong Church, which has a history of making anti-LGBTQ statements and opposing same-sex marriage. This has led many to believe Pratt holds discriminatory views against LGBTQ people, by association with Hillsong. Pratt has denied this and said the church welcomed everyone, but he remains plagued by this controversy.

Lack of liberal advocacy in Hollywood

Unlike his Marvel co-stars like Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Brie Larson who are outspoken advocates for progressive causes, Pratt has not leveraged his platform to champion any overtly liberal or Democratic Party aligned issues. Some perceive this lack of visible advocacy as complicity with right-wing agendas.

Problematic Public Statements

Pratt has made lighthearted jokes on social media and in interviews that were considered crude or insensitive by many. This includes joking about flashing his penis in money shots for movie scenes. Some believe Pratt exhibits immaturity and lacks understanding of pressing social issues with these statements.

Comments about healthy child after divorce

When Pratt announced his divorce from Anna Faris, some people deemed an Instagram post where Pratt mentioned the couple’s “healthy baby” as insensitive to Faris, who had spoken publicly about her premature birth of their son. The comment seemed to lack empathy and rubbed people the wrong way.

Unverified quotes

Various controversial and inflammatory quotes have spread online attributing discriminatory statements to Pratt. However, many of these turned out to be fabricated or misattributed by unreliable sources. While Pratt denied saying them, it still sparked more backlash from people who now doubt him.

Career Choices and Typecasting

After headlining two of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster franchises back-to-back in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, some feel Chris Pratt has been overexposed as the leading man. This level of fame and ubiquitousness has led to a tedium and disinterest in Pratt from fatigued moviegoers.

Limited range of acting seen as one-note

Chris Pratt’s filmography for years focused on mostly comedic or action roles as the goofy but lovable star. With his foray into dramatic acting still new and uncertain, some believe Pratt demonstrates a limited range and tends to play the same type of characters repeatedly. They want to see more versatility.

Loss of underdog status

Early in his career, Chris Pratt portrayed more eclectic supporting roles in indie films and TV shows like Parks and Recreation. Some preferred him as the underdog and feel that stardom has made his reputation change from a beloved oddball to an overexposed leading man rehashing the same old tropes. They believe fame has changed him.

Perceived Arrogance

As he has become one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stars, some believe Chris Pratt has demonstrated greater arrogance and an inflated ego. They feel his interviews and social media show a cocksure attitude and overly confident demeanor that comes across as conceited. This rubs people the wrong way.

Lack of humility

Early on, Chris Pratt built a reputation as an underdog with humble beginnings as a discount store clerk before making it big as an actor. However, with his A-list status today, detractors say Pratt lacks that same unassuming humility which once made him relatable. Some believe he takes his fame for granted.

Competitive attitude

There have been reports about Pratt demonstrating rude and competitive behavior on set when it comes to getting more screen time or the best camera angles for scenes. Whether true or not, this paints Pratt as having an overly-competitive, self-centered mentality focusing on his own glory over being a team player.

Backlash Towards Star Power

Some of the animosity directed at Chris Pratt stems from a broader rejection of the elitist Hollywood culture overall. In a time of economic disparity and populist discontent, Pratt as a multi-millionaire movie star represents the out-of-touch privilege and excess that people resent. The backlash is aimed at what he symbolizes more than just him specifically.

Tall poppy syndrome

There is a phenomenon called “tall poppy syndrome” where people tend to harshly criticize and tear down individuals who have become highly successful and popular – “cutting down the tall poppies.” As one of Hollywood’s most prominent and popular actors, some believe Chris Pratt is facing routine backlash simply as a result of becoming too big and tall of a poppy.

Cancel culture

In today’s culture of canceling celebrities for perceived wrongs or missteps, some believe Chris Pratt makes for an easy target to pile onto. Whether the criticism is fully warranted or not, the momentum of cancel culture has put Pratt in the crosshairs for people to vent their anger and disappointment. Mob mentality has accelerated the trend.

Poor Delivery as an Entertainer

A big factor in Chris Pratt’s rise to fame was his inherent charm, wit and charisma that made him entertaining to watch on screen. However, some feel that Pratt’s charms have gotten old and predictable over time as the novelty wears off. The same schtick that once seemed amusing now comes across as tiresome and contrived.

Lacks range as a comedian

While known for funny roles, Chris Pratt’s comedic repertoire relies heavily on goofy improv, slapstick physical humor and whimsical facial expressions. As he expands into more serious drama, some feel Pratt’s lacks nuance and range as a comedian compared to others. The limited comedic abilities make him less compelling of an entertainer.

Uninteresting interviews

Part of being an entertainer is giving engaging, thoughtful interviews to promote your projects. However, some accuse Chris Pratt of being boring or superficial in his press interviews, relying too much on the same old humorous anecdotes and lacking substance. As a result, people find his media personality off-putting.

Associations with Problematic People

When director James Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over past offensive tweets, many blamed Pratt for not advocating for his friend and director. They believe Pratt stayed silent to avoid controversy as Gunn’s career was damaged. This perceived lack of loyalty tainted his reputation.

Cronyism with cast mates

Chris Pratt has been accused of cronyism and nepotism, getting some of his friends and associates cast in movies alongside him even if they lack qualifications or acting chops. For instance, Pratt’s brother was cast in a Jurassic World film which some saw as unfair preferential treatment.

Romance with Schwarzenegger

Pratt’s romance and marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine raised eyebrows, as some viewed the Kennedy-adjacent Schwarzenegger family as out-of-touch elitists. The relationship seems to reinforce Pratt as a privileged insider. Some also criticized the couple’s quick divorce.

Perceived Change in Lifestyle

When Chris Pratt first gained fame, he was known for having a lovable schlubby husky physique. However, he lost weight dramatically for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy, which some saw as succumbing to unrealistic Hollywood pressures over health. The change made him seem more hollow and image-obsessed.

Got hunting photos

Photos emerged of Chris Pratt hunting large wild animals like elk, which outraged animal lovers and activists. They saw it as a cruel hobby of the Hollywood elite, made worse by tone-deaf social media posts where Pratt bragged about the hunts. It made him appear callous.


In summary, while Chris Pratt has achieved remarkable Hollywood stardom, his divisive public persona has also earned him no shortage of critics and detractors along the way. The backlash stems from several factors – political ambiguity, insensitive remarks, changing lifestyle, cronyism, and a perception that fame has made him arrogant and out-of-touch.

However, the severity and validity of the various charges against Pratt vary. Some root their animosity in speculative assumptions about his politics and overgeneralizations of his character. Others seem prone to tall poppy syndrome where building up celebrities just to tear them down again has become far too routine. There are legitimate critiques, but also likely some overreaches.

Ultimately, Chris Pratt’s story represents the complexities of modern celebrity where stars are highly scrutinized and criticized in the age of social media. While there are certainly ways Pratt could improve as a public figure, he also faces the impossible standards of a culture that delights in exaggerating flaws and manufacturing outrage. The truth, as usual, likely lies somewhere in the middle – neither a saint nor a villain.


What are the main reasons people dislike Chris Pratt?

The main reasons people give for disliking Chris Pratt include his unclear political views, insensitive jokes and statements, connections to controversial figures, perceived arrogance as a movie star, limited acting range, and lifestyle changes like losing weight or hunting animals.

Is the backlash against Pratt warranted?

Some of the criticism against Pratt seems fair, like calling out insensitive remarks or chuckling associations. But some backlash also seems excessive, judging him based on speculative assumptions or holding him to unreasonable standards of perfection. The validity of the backlash varies across different issues.

Has Pratt responded to those who criticize him?

For the most part, Chris Pratt has not directly responded to his critics or addressed the various controversies surrounding him. He tends to avoid politics and simply focuses on discussing his current projects when doing media interviews. This lack of addressing issues head-on likely contributes to ongoing negativity.

Is Pratt’s career suffering as a result of the backlash?

Despite the critical takes and think pieces surrounding him online, Chris Pratt’s movie career remains thriving as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stars. Films like Jurassic World still make billions at the box office. However, it is possible that future controversies could eventually take a real toll.

Could Chris Pratt improve his public image?

There are likely steps Chris Pratt could take to improve public perception, like being more thoughtful when speaking on sensitive topics, advocating for causes he believes in, showing off more acting range, and demonstrating that fame has not changed who he is at his core. Greater sincerity and self-awareness could help.

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